… before you start…..

First colour your VELVET ART® picture with the VELVET ART® brush pens supplied.
Follow the colours of the copy picture or create your own colour combinations.

For best results apply the glitter onto the main feature of the foreground of your picture. The colour glitter should match the colour of an area, use

red glitter – for red areas
orange glitter – for orange or brown areas
silver glitter – for grey or white areas
turquoise glitter – for light blue or dark green areas
black glitter – for grey areas
salmon glitter – for peach or brown areas
transparent (pearl) glitter – for white areas or onto any other colour
TIP: Use transparent glitter first to avoid mixing it with other glitters.

Prepare for glittering:  Spread some newspaper on your table. The glitter might be awkward to gather up if you drop some on the carpet; preferably use glitter in a place where you can sweep up afterwards. Crease the instruction leaflet along the middle both ways.

Prepare for glue:  Practise on a separate sheet of scrap paper before using the glue on your picture.


Choose only wide areas where you can apply the glue comfortably without touching the black velvet. Staying ¼” within, follow the outline of an area and then fill in the middle. Apply plenty of glue for the glitter to sink into. Don’t use a brush.

Pour some glitter of the matching colour onto the glued area.

Whilst holding it flat in one hand, tap the picture from underneath, causing the unstuck glitter to bounce aside and cover a further glued area.


Shake off any excess glitter onto the (pre-creased) instruction leaflet.

Funnel any spare glitter back into its sachet.

Ensure that the glue has dried under the previous glitter before repeating the process with the next colour glitter.

Apply glue on larger areas in sections.


Mixing glitter for more varierty

Ensure to leave the picture flat until the glue has dried completely.

All done!