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Flory & Gemstone

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VELVET ART ® colour-in set of two pictures with copy guide.


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The velvety outlines and deep black frame of these flocked colouring pictures not only help to stay in line, but also create a dramatic contrast to your colourful creation. The pictures are made from 1.2mm paperlined art board and are therefore self supportive and suitable for colouring. Here are two separate pictures wrapped together (back to back) with a copy guide for inspiration.

The glitter set for Flory & Gemstone is pink, purple, silver, pearl and light blue glitter. Use the pearl glitter first, on white flowers, white pearls and also on the dark blue band and light green gemstones. The pearl glitter is transparent and the colour will shine through. Next use the silver glitter on grey, and the other colour glitters on their matching areas. Always stay within the lines with the glue and avoid glue on the black velvet.

Regular size: 250mm x 350mm, set of two
Made in England
Accessories: Use these to either just colour your pictures or colour them first and then enhance them with glue and glitter. For illustrated glittering instructions, please see Instructions


Weight 0.170 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 0.4 cm